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The Guys from Reel Flix Reviews are back this time its no holds barred be prepared to laugh, cry, and leave angry comments because the Madtrio are here


The trio? Not this time just your favorite pair this time historical figures being always favorable and not so much their mischievous deeds, local muckraking, Florida falling iguanas, Disney removing FOX from the 20th century logo, Disney firing based on sexual orientation, and the Disney monopoly. Along, with special guest unnamed bar folk.

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The trio of movie magic brings you topics Vespa TAP, CCW applications spike after attack, airplanes cutting down space, local boy found dead, population density and corresponding change, and migrating mindsets.

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The trio is being joined by Matt Brewer to talk on topics Cats the movie, Trump being impeached, Toyota's T-HR3 robot, My Way song banning in the Philippines, Midway movie, They Shall Not Grow Old, the effects of the WW2 on countries, actors and actresses, movies we want to see and video games.

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December 18, 2019

MadTrio Podcast - Episode 056

The trio is graced by the old guy as Ryan plays absentee once again Ghostbusters Afterlife, NASA mining an asteroid, going to the moon, hand crafting, Morro castle ship disaster, Wikipedia wanting money, Rob rants Wikipedia, real i.d. requirements for purchasing firearms, and N.J. shooting, and movies we missed.

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December 12, 2019

MadTrio Podcast - Episode 055

The trio of glorious pain make your ears tingle with topics Tom Arnold being funny, hygiene in gaming, deep fakes, analyzing lyrics of songs, the difficulty of getting back into movies, the Mandalorian, and James Bond possibly becoming a female.

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November 27, 2019

MadTrio Podcast - Episode 054

The trio is only a trio graced by the old one Disney + wearing the stone of shame, Disney + catalog and censorship, NFL assault during a game, passwords on phones are now a 5th amendment right, invasion of privacy and trusting our government.

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November 20, 2019

MadTrio Podcast - Episode 053

The trio of brings you joy, happiness, and fuzzy happiness discussing hoa saying no to Christmas in November, Disney is doing a promotion with Verizon, Disney holding back episodes for nefarious reasons, and cattle mutilation in Oregon.

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The trio of degeneration bring you happiness while they discuss favorite quotes often, why we missed a few episodes, potential Disney catalog for Disney channel, importance of consecrated buildings, and songs you'd torture someone with.

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The trio disrupts your calm discussing tangentals young nostalgia movies and do they exist anymore, how do we relate to the new digital generation growing up, pop history becoming unknown, and the lack of interest in history.

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The trio returns to bring you joy and happiness discussing CME's and Yellowstone super volcano, cigarette health benefits, smart phone microphones, YouTube, political bashing, coming to peaceful position with opposing opinions, and some of our political views

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